Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving, Check Up, Etc.

Mayci's first thanksgiving was wonderful, she got to spend it not only with family but with the Tarleton men's basketball team...there was TONS of yummy food, none of which she got to have but Casey & I sure made our mark. I have some pictures that I will post of her for you all to see...she slept through lunch which was sort of nice because it gave me a chance to eat!
So I started back to work yesterday...BOO HOO! It is going okay, Mayci is doing GREAT with Mrs. Yolanda, her sitter...way better than myself! I cried all day Sunday just not wanting the day to end.
Mayci is still changing every day...cooing & smiling. It is so crazy how the time has flown, it is already DECEMBER! We put her in her bumbo last night...she looks small but did a great job holding her head up, must have gotten tired after a little bit because she go fussy. I took a picture with my phone from across the room so it is a little blurry but you will get the idea. Now that I am back at work I should be able to post more often.

Oh, Mayci went for her 2 month check up on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. She weighed 9.9 lbs and was 21.75 in long. She had to get 3 shots but did so great, I think I cried longer! I have to say I am getting a little sad because she is outgrowing her newborn outfits, just in length...time to box them up!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

More Random Pictures

Mayci likes to fall asleep when she is supposed to be doing "tummy time" and building her neck muslces.
This is Mayci & her best buddy Kyler on Halloween day...we didn't plan their outfits although one day when they are older they will probably hate that they are dressed the same.

She was talking to her Mama!

This is at Casey's last football game...she looks sort of like a boy in her blue camo but it was a little cool & that is her football stuff.

6-7 Weeks

So I know it has been forever since I have made a post, I will try to do better. Mayci will be 7 weeks tomorrow night @ 10:35pm...I can't believe it, time flies. I am loving being a mother and getting to spend every minute with this precious gift from God. Football is over so now Casey can be home more which is good for all of us.

Mayci is growing like a weed and changing every day. She is starting to get her personality...smiling & talking, it is so cute I could just eat her up. Well have to go, Mayci just woke! Here are some random pictures...taken with my cell phone so quality might be a little shabby.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mayci is HERE!

Sorry it has taken me so long to blog...we don't have Internet at the moment so it has been hard. So last Wednesday I went for my normal 40 week checkup. I was dilated 2cm, cervix was 25% effaced (needs to be 100% before things start happening). I was a little bummed when she said we needed to schedule an induction for Thursday, October 1st. That night I went home...it had been raining all week but for a little bit it stopped so Casey and I took the dogs for a walk. About 11:00 pm I woke up to pain in my tummy...it kept coming off and on....could it be...contractions? I got NO sleep, finally after moving from the bed to the chair to the couch at 4:00 am I just gave up and started cleaning, packing my bags, laundry, etc. At this point the dogs are following me around like what are you doing, something isn't right...Casey on the other hand was passed out! I didn't want to wake him because I knew I wasn't in labor yet, just having contractions...yippee felt like I was at least making progress.

So about 5:00 am Casey woke up to get ready for work...I was leaned over the foot board having a contraction. Of course he started freaking out...hence another reason why I didn't wake him. He gets out his watch and starts timing my contractions...every 4-5 minutes but only lasting around 30 seconds. They continued and then I started getting ready for work...yes, I went to work, what else was I supposed to do, sit at home? So I get to work and inform Mrs. Haynes (she is a friend and the school nurse) that I am having contractions as well as the two teachers that are next to me...just in case.

So as classes go on the contractions continued consistently every 4 minutes but they weren't completely horrible, I could still walk around, sometimes they would take my breath away though. Finally my conference/lunch was approaching so I called my doctor to see if she could see me to check me...didn't want to waste time in labor and delivery to be checked, she said to come at 11:30am.

So it is 11:30 am, she couldn't believe when she checked me that I was still only 2 cm but my cervix was 75% effaced, that was a lot of progress over night! She told me to go eat lunch and walk around and to come back to see her at 2:30pm. Windee met me at the clinic and drove me to the mall where we ate and then started walking. The contractions were getting stronger and stronger...making it hard to walk, breath, etc. Finally at 2:00 pm I told Windee I am done, we went to my house to get my bags, meet up with Casey and wait on Mom and then back to the clinic we went.

So it was a little after 2:30 pm by the time we got up there and she was able to check me...I was 5 cm and almost completely 100% effaced...they rushed me over to labor and delivery and started the whole process. The nurse blew my vein in my left arm while taking blood so I had to be stuck again in my right arm in order to have IV fluids and meds given to me. At this point I was ready for the epidural...of course we had to wait on the anesthesiologist but once he got there and got the pump going I was GREAT! At this point I was dilated 7 cm...not too much longer and she would be there...but my doctor had a meeting till 8:30 pm and since my group b strep was positive they really wanted to get 2 doses of meds in me so as long as I was comfortable and everything was okay we were going to wait for the doctor. So apparently my doctor went home or something...about 9:45 pm I am still waiting...dilated completely just she still had a little ways to come down so we were going to start practice pushing to try and get her down further. About 10:15 pm I started pushing and she was born at 10:35 pm!

She came out screaming, her daddy cut the cord and Mom and Casey were by her side the entire time while they checked her out. I couldn't see everything due to people in the way but finally when they finished with me I got to see her up close and personal, the nurse put her right on my face! She was PERFECT! 6 lbs, 9 oz and 18 inches long. It is such a wonderful miracle, the gift of life. Mom went out to tell everyone in the waiting room and Casey and I had about 30 minutes to ourselves with her, I wanted to nurse, etc. before everyone started coming in.

Finally when people got to come in, she got her bath and the passing around and pictures started. My Dad, Blake, Conar and Zoey drove all the way from Mississippi and made it just in time.

We got moved to our post-partum room about 2:00 am where we only got about an hour of sleep because they started making rounds, etc. The stay in the hospital was good but we are so glad to be home. The pups are adjusting well and so are we. We just can't believe she will be a week old tomorrow! This has been a LONG post so I will wrap up and post more later.

Thank you to all who were present, who sent their love, etc. We appreciate you all so very much and can't wait to share our bundle of joy with all of you.

Monday, September 21, 2009

39 Weeks...4 Days

Well I went to the doctor last Thursday, I was 39 weeks exactly. Everything measured great, bp was great, weight gain, etc. I was dilated 1.5 cm...only .5 cm progression from the previous week. Cervix is being the cervix of steel and was still long and thick. Dilation can't take place till the cervix starts thinning.

Obviously it is Monday, 4 days have passed, I am still doing great, Mayci is still in me...Thursday is the ACTUAL DUE DATE...guess we will see...

I go back to the doctor this week on Wednesday...hopefully more progression has taken place, I will try and be good and post when I get back. Maybe I can get some pictures taken today to post for you guys to see...keep ya up to date!

Bella's 1st Bday Puppy Party

So Bella is one today, we had her a puppy party yesterday where her dog friends and human friends came over, we had "pup cakes", and Casey grilled hamburgers and hot dogs. It was a lot of fun, definitely enjoyed fellow shipping with our friends. They brought gifts of course although we didn't intend on that, here are some pics from the event...Bella was pooped by the end of the night...Thanks again to everyone that came!

Monday, September 14, 2009

38 Weeks, 4 days...

Went to the doctor on Friday, September 11th, I am dilated to 1cm...she is still head down so that is good but she definitely said we may be looking past the 24th...unless something drastically changes. I am feeling great, starting to have more swelling in my right foot but it is normal, just have to try and prop them up whenever possible. I did measure 37 which should have been 38 but she doesn't seem to be concerned, said she is probably going to be on the smaller side, maybe 7 pounds if lucky, obviously the longer she stays in the oven the bigger she will get so I am okay with her being late, I want her to be healthy.

She also gave me my flu shot while I was there, wasn't crazy about it but it is protecting myself and Mayci so I guess it is better to be safe than sorry. Having some lower back pain, random contractions here and there but nothing consistent...

So apparently you start having weird dreams as you get anxious, had one the other night that my belly button opened up so I could see Mayci, I counted her fingers and toes and then pushed her back in. I went into labor shortly afterwards then I woke up!

We are having Internet issues and this site was blocked at work but now it is up so I can still post, these pictures are from Saturday night so 38 weeks 2 days.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

37 Weeks 5 Days Pictures

I never took any pictures so I decided today was better than not at all. I have dropped in my opinion, having some round ligament pain, pretty much just a shooting pain in my abdomen, nothing to be worried about, it is completely normal. I go to the doctor on Friday so I will post again then!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

37 Weeks, 2 Days

Labor Day Weekend 2009! Thank goodness for this holiday and for getting an extra day off from work. I went to the doctor this past Wednesday and I haven't made any additional progress, barely dilated a fingertip! I have started having some random contractions but nothing consistent. It looks like Mayci is trying to help me out with work and not going to come early which I am actually fine with. I know most people at this stage are miserable and ready to have it over with but I know she is way easier inside of me! Still having some swelling issues...I wore tennis shoes yesterday to work, then had the football game last night and my ankles were awful by the time I took my socks and shoes off last night. Haven't done much today, trying to take it easy...will have to get Casey to take some pictures for me to post...stay tuned for more weekly updates, don't go back to the doctor till Friday, September 11th!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Temple Baby Shower

So I guess I have been busy with school starting back that I haven't mentioned what a wonderful baby shower I had here in Temple, thrown by all of my wonderful friends and co-workers. Here are some pictures...Windee's camera was used more, I will get her pictures posted soon!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Nursery Pictures

36 Weeks & 2 Days...

So I am two days behind...story of my life! Everything is going great, I am worn out from going back to work but I believe it is normal at this point in the pregnancy. At the end of this week (Thursday), Mayci will be considered full term...kinda scary that she could come at any time. I have printed off my packing list but haven't started packing mine and Casey's bags. Mayci's bags are ready to go. Guess I will install the car seat and load the stroller pretty soon, better to be safe than sorry!

Everyone that I see lately says that I have dropped, I know that I have but hearing it from other people is interesting, especially people that you don't see very often. I have to say I am very anxious but seem to be sleeping better, maybe it is because I am exhausted but whatever it takes to get a good nights sleep.

School is going well, my classes are pretty good. I have to say planning to be out for 6 weeks isn't easy but I think they will be fine, hopefully my sub will be also. Football is in full swing so I have to accept the idea that I won't be seeing my husband as often as I would like too. Casey is freaking out a bit, afraid I am going to go into labor while he is out of town at a game, fortunately he should have time to get back before little Mayci actually comes. I do have back up plans for transportation just in case, I probably shouldn't be driving myself to the hospital!

Just took some pics of Mayci's nursery so I will get those uploaded now...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


So I went to the doctor today, saw the practitioner again. She measured me and listened to Mayci's heartbeat, everything was good. She also checked me, my cervix is still high therefore it wasn't the most pleasant thing but I am dilated 1cm. Still have 4 weeks and 1 day till my due date so I am happy to know I am not real close. Mayci's head is definitely down but she said she could move her up and down which means she still has more dropping to do although I feel as if I have dropped a lot recently. I will go back every week now to be checked.

3 days down of school, many more to go! Going back to work has been exhausting, I am trying to get to bed earlier so that I am not wanting to hit snooze a million times in the morning. Starting to swell in my ankles and feet due to standing so much but the swelling gets better once I get home and put my feet up. Everything seems to be in order...Mayci's nursery is ready to go, I will take pictures and post tomorrow on my 36 week update for you all to see. Thanks for keeping up with us.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

35 and counting...

Today marks 35 weeks...technically 5 more to go! According to BabyCenter Mayci is about the size of a honeydew melon, over 18 inches long and a little over 5 pounds! I have to say with having to be back at school this Monday my body is in shock! My ankles have started swelling, primarily due to having to be stuck in meetings, etc. As soon as I get home I try to prop them up...do not want to develop preeclampsia. One more day of no kids...can't believe we are full fledge starting with kids on Monday! I have lots to do to be prepared as far as lesson plans, etc. I have a fear of her coming early now that I am so busy and not having everything taken care of. I can definitely say I can tell a difference...pressure, soreness, etc.
She is still moving like crazy, she doesn't want me to forget about her...like I could! She gets the hiccups almost like clockwork right after I eat...doesn't matter what it is. She actually has them at the moment, just had some grapes.
I have a shower here in Temple Saturday that I am excited about...can't wait to post pictures of all of our wonderful things.

So I was bad last week and never took pictures to post but did this week. Izzy was excited I was home so she decided to pose in them with me!

Friday, August 14, 2009

34 Weeks

Still counting down...only 6 more weeks to go. Went to the doctor yesterday...actually saw a nurse practitioner, my doctor was off for the day, she was really nice, commented on how great my belly looks...no strechmarks! Heartbeat was good and I am still measuring fine. Starting at my next appointment in two weeks they will start checking my cervix to see if I have dilated any, etc. I have this weekend left and then back to work...can't believe summer is OVER! I didn't have Casey take pictures yesterday so I will have him take some tonight and will post later. Mayci should be gaining on 5 pounds, maybe not so much but getting closer. The practitioner said she will probably be around a 6 or 7 pound baby just going by my size.

Monday, August 10, 2009


So Casey and I got to volunteer @ Temple College and get a free sonogram. Mayci didn't really cooperate...she kept her hands in front of her face most of the time, had a foot up there once also but here are some pics and one video of her heart. It was neat...we were there for about an hour watching and looking. Some of them aren't the best pics but it happens...

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Stephenville Baby Shower

So my shower in Stephenville was yesterday and it was wonderful...we got so many great things for our little Mayci, can't wait to be able to use all of them. I really enjoyed getting to visit with everyone...haven't seen some people in a while so it was definitely nice. I will add some pictures...

Friday, August 7, 2009

33 Weeks...7 More!

So I am 33 weeks now, only 7 more to go. Someone mentioned that I am due next month...that sort of put things into perspective...7 weeks sounds longer than next month! According to BabyCenter, Mayci should weigh a little over 4 lbs and be @ least 17 in long. She is still moving like crazy, getting the hiccups more and more...guess she is growing!

My baby shower in Stephenville is tomorrow...can't wait! I'll post pictures on Sunday!