Monday, June 28, 2010

June 2010

So I just realized we have been so busy that I haven't posted at all this whole month so here is JUNE!
School finished up the first week, we went to watch Sydney's dance recital that Saturday. Mayci loved all of the music, and Sydney did great! The entire recital was very good, the costumes were so stinking cute! That next week I had a conference to go to in Waco for two days which meant Casey had Mayci. Everything went ok...Mayci was a little needy; think the separation anxiety was setting in. On Friday, June 11th we headed to Lafayette, LA to see my great aunt and cousins. Mayci did great on the trip. My mom went with us so she and Mayci had a blast in the back seat together. We had a wonderful visit...we also took Mayci to the zoo for the first time. She didn't quite understand it at first then she caught on during the train ride when she could see some animals up close and not thru a cage. After LA we went on to Brookhaven, MS to see my dad as well as the rest of our entire family. We visited, bought fireworks, went and ate at the casino...yep, Mayci has been to the boat when she was merely 8.5 months old! She got to drive the golf cart which she thought was cool and we even did a little fishing, I caught the biggest and the most fish! We headed back to TX on father's day...Mayci and I had Casey a driver and putter made and since they were in Stephenville, instead of going home to Temple, we went there so he could get them.

Once we finally made it back home boy were the pups excited! They had stayed with my in laws which they love because they get to run in the pasture as well as stay inside during the day which doesn't happen at our house when we aren't home. We were only home a couple of days before we headed back to Stephenville so Casey could play in a golf tournament and so Mayci and I could go with mom to a wedding in San Antonio. It was beautiful, Mayci did great at her first wedding. We stayed the night there, which was Mayci's 1st time staying in a hotel, she kept staring at Nonna like "Why is your bed right by ours". It was cute. The next day we hit the outlets in San Marcos, met up the The Hailes and then mom dropped us off with Casey in Star so that we could go to a family reunion the next day.
She went for her 9 month well check on the 24th, weighed 17.6 lbs and was 26.6 in long. NO SHOTS :)!!!

Mayci is army crawling everywhere, she will not pick her belly up. She now will get on all fours but then collapses when she decides to actually "go". She now has 3 bottom teeth and definitely working on MORE, just hope to get some top soon, although she eats just fine. She is "talking" up a storm. Has figured out how to fake laugh, cough, do them on command, mock you, etc. It is so funny, I just love it! Here are pictures from our adventures of the month of June, sorry this was such a long post, I will try to do better than once a month!