Monday, May 24, 2010

Football, Baseball, Baseball & More Baseball

Last Friday, May 21st our sitter was closed so Casey stayed home with Mayci, I took a half day and we went to Stephenville. Their football scrimmage was that night, these are some pictures of Nonna, Granpa & Mayci "hanging out".After the scrimmage we went back to Nonna & Granpa's for hot dogs, Chris, Mattie, Rush & Lonna also came over. Here are some interesting pictures of the kiddos. Oh, Davin was in town also...Davin is in Texas for the summer because he is playing in a wood bat league in Rockwall. On Saturday he had his first game but that morning he tried out at Tarleton for the baseball team! Here are some pictures from tryouts and from the game... Saturday was a late night...driving back to Stephenville from Dallas but we made it. Mayci was such a trooper...she had a LONG day of baseball. On Sunday we drove to Arlington and went to the Rangers vs. Cubs game. It was the first Rangers game that Casey and I have gone to together and so of course the first for Mayci. It was a one o'clock game so it was HOT! We had great seats but because of it not being covered, mom took Mayci and they went and sat in an air conditioned room and watched the game, pretty sure Mayci slept. The Rangers lost 5-4...BOO but it was fun. Here are some pictures of The Hamilton's in their "Hamilton" shirts...

1st Mother's Day Weekend

We went to Stephenville for Mother's Day Weekend. It was wonderful as usual. Mayci and Rush had a great time! Nonna & Granpa bought Mayci & Rush a jumperoo from Wal-Mart...what an experience that was! It was so cute, Mayci is a pro at jumping but Rush had never been in it so when we put him in there, Mayci was trying to "teach" him how to jump. Nonna & Granpa also bought Mayci and Rush a little plastic swimming pool...we filled it up, put it in the sun hoping the water would get wasn't too bad, I put Mayci in...then Nonna warmed water on the stove and dumped it in...needless to say Mayci had her own personal "hot" tub.Casey & Mayci bought me a mother's ring from James Avery with Mayci's birthstone, the blue sapphire, it is perfect, I love it so much! We all got dressed up and went to church, the service was wonderful. After church Granpa grilled ribs and pork chops and Nonna made potato salad, beans, salad and I think that was all. It was yummy, Mayci LOVED the potato salad. It was a great weekend, the BEST Mother's Day EVER!!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

1st Tooth & More!

Friday we went to the softball playoff game in Waco. The girls played hard but just didn't come out on top. We "attempted" to get a group picture of all the coaches kids together...not so easy to get all of their attentions. etc. Mayci was intrigued by her are the ones that were taken with Windee's camera...
On Sunday, May 2nd, I attempted, well was successful at putting Mayci's hair in a rubber stayed as well until I took it down, kind of hard to see, she kept grabbing my phone...
On Tuesday, May 4th I noticed Mayci's gums looked a little different and sure enough when I ran my finger her bottom gums I could feel the starting of a tooth. That girl has been working hard for a tooth for a long time, it is Thursday now and progress really hasn't been made. As soon as it is "visible" I will take pictures and post. She has been wonderful through it so far, I have to say there isn't much that slows her down or causes her to be any different.

I painted Mayci's toenails for the 1st time on Tuesday was interesting. She was awake...busy playing with the remote...once she realized what I was doing she tried grabbing the bottle. Lets just say they are not professional quality but hey, they have some color on them...
Mayci wakes up every morning with a smile, she is the happiest baby. Casey is just amazed that she wakes up in such a great mood, whether she wakes up on her own or we have to wake her up.

She has started getting up on her knees a little, still not real enthused about crawling, I guess she will when she is ready. She loves to feed herself, I bought some of the Gerber graduates snacks and she thinks she is big time, sweet potato things and yogurt melts. I tried them...not too bad.

Had some bowel problems yesterday...lets just leave it at the fact that I had to use a suppository to "take care" of things. Mrs. Yolanda texted me this morning and said she was doing great so whew...glad Mommy took care of it yesterday. I have to admit, getting to go home an hour and a half early was kind of nice!