Friday, January 29, 2010

New Nephew: Rush Christopher Reisman

Rush made his appearance into the world on Tuesday, January 26th @ 5:32pm. He weighed 7.96 pounds and was 18.5 inches long. The new family is doing are some pictures of him...we are going to Stephenville today to see him and just can't wait!

Mayci 4 Month Check Up & Shots

So yesterday was Mayci's 4 mo check up and of course the dreaded shots! She weighed in at 12.15 pounds and was 24.24 inches long. She is ranging around 40% for both. Dr. Kastner said we can start cereal if we would like as well as baby food. Mayci did pretty well with the first shot, just cried a tiny bit but then the second one was another story, her face was SO red...I felt horrible. Casey had to work so I was solo with her as well. She was laying in my lap when the nurse gave her the shots so she looked at me like "Why did you do that Momma?". Next time I will lay her on the table so she doesn't think it was ME! The rest of the day was ok, she had one more crying fit, maybe the Tylenol wore off? I gave her a warm bath like usual and I think that helped with the soreness because she went right to sleep and stayed asleep till about 7 am this morning. Here are some pics from before we went back and of while we were waiting on the doctor...she had to be stripped down so that is why she is just in a blanket.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Mayci's First Christmas & New Years

Whew! The holidays were crazy, we traveled everywhere it seemed but had a wonderful time. We went to Mississippi, Mayci's first trip over 2 hours and she did GREAT! It was exciting to get to show her off to my grandparents and family that hasn't met her yet. After MS we went to Star and had a big Christmas there where Mayci went to her first MOVIE! We saw Sherlock Holmes, she slept which was nice. After Star we went to Stephenville and had a WHITE Christmas, Mayci wasn't really in a good mood that day so the pics aren't so great. For New Years Eve we went to the movies yet again to see Avatar which was good and she slept during it as well. I am back at work so Mayci is back at the sitter which is going ok, for her not me, I hate it! I will bring my card tomorrow and post some new pics for you all to see!