Friday, April 1, 2011


So time definitely flies when you are having F-U-N! A lot has happened since June 2010 and I haven't blogged about it! Lets see if I can TRY and play catchup!

July 2010-Casey applied, interviewed, was offered and took a new job teaching Texas History and coaching 7th grade football at Stephenville Junior High as well as coaching the Freshmen boys basketball team at the high school. This was on a Tuesday...we had till Friday to find me a job and resign at Temple to be able to get let out of our contracts! Wednesday morning I was checking the job board and saw a posting for a Technology Teacher at Peaster High School. Long story short, I got the job so we headed to Temple to resign and start packing to move to with my mom and step-dad. We knew we wanted to buy so we immediately started house hunting!

August 2010-The start of something new for all of us. I had to adjust to driving 1 hour one-way to work...not easy! We had to find someone to keep Mayci and well Casey was teaching something new. We were lucky to find Granny TX (mother of a friend) to keep Mayci during the day when my mom wasn't keeping her. Time was of the essence, especially since Mayci's 1st birthday was fastly approaching! She was starting to walk on her own, a few steps at a time!

September 2010-Mayci turns 1!!! We had a princess party at Tarleton, all of our family and friends were in attendance. Casey cooked hamburgers and hotdogs, had cake, presents, the works, it was wonderful!! Still house hunting!! About a week before her party she was walking pretty well...the week of her party-nothing!!

October 2010-Mayci finally started walking everywhere! Not sure why everyone pushes for babies to walk...way more work to have to chase after! Halloween was interesting-Mayci was a princess(had to reuse bday stuff). She wasn't real crazy about people being dressed up but the candy, that's another story! Football was in full swing, Mayci and I tried to make all of Casey's games, Grammy (Casey's mom) would come too and help cheer on the Jackets!

November 2010-Still house hunting...finally found THE ONE! People had always said, you will just true!

December 2010-MOVING DAY! We were able to close on the house on the 2nd and started moving the next weekend. It was so amazing...nice to have a place for everything. As soon as we got things sort of situated, I had to decorate for Christmas! We loved every minute of having our first Christmas in our new house! My dad and Irene came to visit, brought Mayci her birthday presents and Christmas...not sure that Santa was going to bring her anything-she got SO much! Christmas was so fun since Mayci was older and got the whole unwrapping presents thing. Santa brought her a playhouse and many other wonderful things.

January 2011-Mayci was learning something new every day, it is so awesome to see the "light-bulb" go off. Casey and I went on our first date in 15 months on the 8th, without Mayci that is. Kyler and Aunt Windee came to visit on the 15th. The Athletic Training Students were attending the Tarleton workshop so Kyler came and hung out for the day. It was so cute to watch Mayci and Kyler-they never missed a beat, just like old times. Rush turned one this month, he had a party at the gym with bounce houses, mats, etc. It was lots of fun, Mayci was WILD!

February 2011-Birthdays come whether you are ready or not, I turned the big 28 this year, Casey and Mayci got me a pandora bracelet and the family took me to eat at Pastafina. I was actually off of work...we had 5 days off due to snow/ice! It was so nice to be home with Mayci and Casey(he didn't have as many days off though). Mayci LOVES to be outside, even with the SNOW. I would spend 15 minutes getting her bundled up for me to only be able to stand being out there like 5 minutes. It was pretty though! Colbie Grace Lusso was born on February 4th to Tysha and Nicholas, she is absolutely perfect!

March 2011-On the 4th, Mayci learned how to say "apple". She loves apples and it is so helpful for her to be able to tell us that is what she wants. Casey's birthday month! We didn't even get to spend his birthday with him-he went to the State basketball tournament in Austin. Mayci and I went to his parents and then he came on Saturday (the start of spring break). We spent a few days there with his family and then went back home and did some serious work on the house in the flower beds. Of course mom is the green thumb so she came and directed us.

April 2011-