Saturday, September 22, 2012

Mayci Turns 3!

So today we had Mayci's 3rd bday party.  She wanted Minnie Mouse(same as last year), so I convinced her to do Mickey and was really cute.  We had a great turnout, about 50 people! The kids played on the swingset, drove her camaro around, tried to smash the pinata, decorated their cupcakes, and much more.  Mayci is one special little girl to have such great people in her life.  She's been begging for a pink kitchen, For Kids Only has one in their store and she just loves it so that's what Casey and I got her.  She was definitely excited and has been making us all sorts of things since.  Kyler, Windee and Gary stayed the night with us.  Kyler helped Mayci check out all of her new things, they had a blast.  They danced with the Wii for a while too.  It was nice to catch up and let them play just like old times.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Jacket & Texan Football(ALL in ONE Day)

Stephenville played in a classic in Duncanville today.  Simone rode with Mayci and I.  It was an awesome trip of course!  Mayci wanted to eat at the "cow place", more commonly known as Chick Fil A.  Simone isn't very good with directions, and well I've been known to go the wrong way before myself.  We finally found one, ended up being a few miles away from the stadium so it worked out.  The game was awesome, but HOT!  We had some great weather, temps had dropped but I guess being a 1:00pm game the sun was out and pelting on us.  After the Stephenville game, Mayci and I headed to Cowboys Stadium in Arlington.  Tarleton was playing in the LSC Showdown @ 4:00pm.  We barely made it.  It was an amazing game, there were over 12K TSU peeps there!  We ended up losing 24-21...BOO!  Mayci rode home with Nonna and Papa which meant I got Davin, Morgan, and Joseph.  Pretty sure I got the short end of the stick!  We met @ Braums in Benbrook, had dinner and then headed home.  It was a long but fun day full of football! I am so fortunate that my child likes football, sure makes things easier.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Mayci Started CDC

So last year Mayci went to Faith School, she loved every minute of it.  At the time we had to make a decision whether or not she would be enrolled this year I was still @ Peaster so we opted to enroll her @ CDC to help with my mom taking her.  Now that I am at Dublin, Faith would be convenient but they have no openings.  Drop off time isn't early enough for me to be able to take her so Nonna takes her, it works since she works right around the corner.  She went right in, was excited about her locker!  I got to pick her up, she was pretty quiet they said, didn't eat much but it's all new...