Saturday, September 22, 2012

Mayci Turns 3!

So today we had Mayci's 3rd bday party.  She wanted Minnie Mouse(same as last year), so I convinced her to do Mickey and was really cute.  We had a great turnout, about 50 people! The kids played on the swingset, drove her camaro around, tried to smash the pinata, decorated their cupcakes, and much more.  Mayci is one special little girl to have such great people in her life.  She's been begging for a pink kitchen, For Kids Only has one in their store and she just loves it so that's what Casey and I got her.  She was definitely excited and has been making us all sorts of things since.  Kyler, Windee and Gary stayed the night with us.  Kyler helped Mayci check out all of her new things, they had a blast.  They danced with the Wii for a while too.  It was nice to catch up and let them play just like old times.

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