Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Glucose Testing & Other Things

So today is the lovely glucose testing day, I get to go sit for an hour after drinking the wonderfully tasting drink.  I guess it's a good thing, means I am entering the 3rd trimester!  Things are going well, I did go to the dr. last week and was diagnosed with a sinus infection but am feeling much better, modern medicine is a marvelous thing!  We haven't done anything in the nursery in a while, Casey is working to get the massive desk I had to have out of there and then things should start falling into place.  We do have furniture though and bedding!  

Names are tricky...Casey originally liked Maryn(pronounced like Karen), and I was ok with it but he wants the middle name to be Laine and that's where the problem came about.  I don't love Maryn Laine.  So then I started saying the name I liked, Malli...it has grown on Casey and now I think we've "officially" decided we will name our precious bundle Malli Laine Hamilton.  Mayci on the other hand, up until last night has disagreed and been referring to the baby as Maryn.  This is an advancement from Minnie Mouse and Pudding Tang!  I know I shouldn't put a whole lot of weight on my stubborn 3 year old but I do want her to call the baby what we name her and not something completely different!

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